Pony Rides

We offer a variety of themed pony rides.  Most of our mobile ponies are small and have a weight limit of 60 lbs.  If you would like to have your party at a ranch venue, we have all sizes of ponies and horses.

make wish

Make a Wish Foundation Party

shellyponies2 (2)

Cowboy pony rides


Catch me if you can!

IMG_1702 (2)

Unicorn pony rides and safari Zebra rides


IMG_0384 (2)

Princess pony parties

IMG_1678 (2)

Magical unicorn riders

IMGP9731 (2)

Brave knights jousting on majestic ponies


IMGP9741 (2)

More knights.. and a fairy


Everybody loves Sugar, my little pony party!

We bring the face paints and brushes and your kids bring their creative talents


Guys! I think you went a little 60’s on me, good thing this is only make-up and rinses right off!

Enjoy our My Little Pony Party video!

We use sensitive, non irritative hypoallergenic Paradise brand face paints
for our painted horses. The horses love being painted just as much as the
kids enjoy doing it!

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